The Flavour Route

In many ways, the Charlevoix people have been bravehearted pioneers. And when they set up the Charlevoix Flavour Trail, local growers, producers, processors and restaurateurs were indeed trailblazers.

These regional players combine efforts to spotlight exquisite Charlevoix food products: cheeses, tomato wine, artisan beers*, apple and plum ciders…, duck confit, jams, fresh pastas, emu products, honey caramel, rich chocolates infused with typical Charlevoix flavours, and so much more.

On farm tours, terroir food shop visits and by dining at any one of the region’s fine restaurants is how you will discover and appreciate what the Charlevoix’s growers, producers, processors and restaurateurs have nurtured with a passion − their crops, their herds and their recipes for simply great fare.