Whether you own or rent your sled, before taking to the trails on one portion or other of the 33,000 kilometre network of groomed track interconnecting 13 Québec regions, it is important to prepare properly!

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec website ( is THE reference for doing so. It contains an astronomical amount of practical info, maps, references and hints to make your outing a huge success!

When selecting your destination, remember that Québec's Charlevoix region and its snowmobile trails are rated among the finest in the country by fellow riders.

From the vast expanses and shifting ice floes of the St. Lawrence River to soaring white peaks, the Charlevoix's snowmobile trails are simply dazzling and where thrill-seekers meet with staggering vertical, less daring compatriots might prefer to detour...

Exploring Charlevoix by snowmobile is to delve deep into a vast untouched wilderness kingdom. What could be more refreshing than to discover lakes tucked away amid hidden valleys, and mountains with names brimming with history - La Noyée, Le Gros Mont, Le Mont Élie - as you ride through pristine forested caribou country, blanketed in silence only interrupted by the hum of your sled!