Together, Baie-Saint-Paul’s picturesque urban architecture, vast open expanses, mountains and seashore paired with its bustling artistic life showcase like a mosaic, where nature and culture mingle as one.

Baie-Saint-Paul is blessed with an enviable reputation when it comes to painting and other disciplines in the ats. Since the XIXth century – more precisely since the early XXth century - works rich in know-how have been created here, inspired by the beauty of the milieu and the traditions typical of the area. The presence of acclaimed artists like Clarence Gagnon, the Group of Seven, René Richard, Simone-Mary Bouchard, her sisters and brothers, Yvonne and Blanche Bolduc, Georges-Édouard Tremblay as well as the new generation making a name for itself have contributed to make Baie-Saint-Paul an artist’s sanctuary, where collectors and art lovers have fallen into the delightful habit of coming here to select their pieces.

At the root of Baie-Saint-Paul’s effervescent cultural life today is a dynamic artistic engine, Le Carrefour culturel Paul-Médéric. Another institution of great pride is the Baie-Saint-Paul Museum of Contemporary Art. René Richard’s residence also offers a moving testimonial to his impressive opus. Lastly, visitors are invited to stroll amid the highest concentration of art galleries in the country, where a wide range of pictorial tendencies are on exhibit.

Le Musée d'art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul also takes credit for the annual International Symposium on Comtemporary Art, a major event hosted throughout the month of August which places Baie-Saint-Paul on the international tourist map. Close to all cultural attractions, explore downtown Baie-Saint-Paul where countless art and crafts boutiques and reputed galleries offer a broad palette of beauty and refinement.