Al Dente - Catering

The best part? Absolutely everything is either ready-to-serve or oven-ready!  Our fridges, freezers and displays are positively brimming with terroir products ‒ think Charlevoix cheeses, artisan sausages (Moulin à Saucisses), prepared dishes, lovely salads and loads of Charlevoix canned goods, etc.

Our catering service is both professional and flexible. From cocktails to dessert, we offer to make your dinner simple and oh-so-pleasant or with advance reservations, try our renowned travelling chef.
Do note the famous Tarte au chocolat, framboises et bleuets and Caramel au beurre available in fine shops across Québec are OURS! See you soon! Open 7/7, 10am ‒ 6pm
Steps away from downtown Baie-Saint-Paul, Al Dente specializes in homemade fresh pastas, fine terroir fare, and catering too.

30 Rue Leclerc,
Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec
G3Z 2K5

418.435.6695 - tél
418.435.6475 - fax